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I Could Never

I could never

I Could Never

by Jeff Nischwitz


How often do you say some version of “I could never ….?” I know that I hear it regularly. I just completed my annual trip with my Dad – this time it was for 9 days out west and included an Amtrak train ride, 2,500 miles of and five states. I was sharing some of our experiences with a friend, and she asked, “Did you have hotel reservations made in advance?” If you know me, you know the answer was no, and in response, my friend said, “I could never go on a trip without having my hotel reservations made in advance.”

Hmm, “I could never.” What are some of the other “I could never” statements that we make or hear every day?

I could never run a marathon (or even a 5k).

I could never be a vegetarian.

I could never give up coffee.

I could never be really honest with a close friend.

I could never speak up with a new idea in a meeting when most of the group is supporting one idea.

I could never travel alone.

I could never take a vacation without working.

I could never go an hour without checking my emails and cell phone.

I could never ask for what I want.

I could never start my own business

I could never ….

Are you getting the idea?

Somehow, we have come to believe that it’s okay to say, “I could never,” but the truth is that when you say that phrase or others like it you have closed off the possibilities and likely blocked your own way to change. I get it – “I could never” feels safe and comfortable – but the truth is that none of us really know what is truly an “I could never” situation.

However, that’s not what leaders say or do. As a leader, I encourage you to eliminate “I could never” from your vocabulary and to embrace either “I will” or at least “I might be able to.” This shift will certainly change your perspective, your situation, and your possibility, and that’s what leaders do.

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