Holding the Makers of Truvada Responsible

Broken/Demineralized Bones

The antiretroviral drug, Truvada, has been linked to the demineralization of bone and other bone-related complications in patients that are infected with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). It is alleged that this medication has been linked to at least 6,000 bone breaks and thousands of instances of bone-related health complications.

Truvada, a pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) medication created by Gilead Sciences Inc., is under fire because of the dangerous side effects and injuries it has been linked to. Now, users across America are gearing up to file product liability claims, stating that the pharmaceutical company has known for over a decade about the dangers of the drug.

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What is Truvada?

Truvada is comprised of two main medicines called emtricitabine (FTC) and tenofovir disoproxil fumarate (TDF). It is used to treat patients suffering from HIV, and it can also protect people that haven’t contracted the virus but face a high risk of being infected due to their own personal circumstances.

Since the FCT and TDF in Truvada reduce the activity of the enzyme reverse transcriptase — which is an enzyme that HIV uses to create more infected cells — the replication of the virus is greatly reduced or can even stop. This medication was a success, earning Gilead $11 billion in profits annually; a modern-day success story as far as pharmaceutical companies go.

That is if it weren’t for the fact that the pharmaceutical company not only withheld crucial details about the bone complications and side effects that could arise but also withheld a safer alternative that used smaller dosages of tenofovir alafenamide fumarate (TAF) instead of TDF, negating the dangers of use.

As a result of the damages they have suffered, users are seeking out legal counseling to fight against this corporation that did them wrong. If you are taking Truvada and are experiencing bone-related complications, then you should too. You do NOT deserve to be taken advantage of by the developers of this HIV drug.

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About Bone Loss

Bones are made primarily from collagen protein, calcium phosphate, and calcium carbonate. These minerals work in unison to strengthen the bone while providing a certain level of flexibility. During an individual’s lifetime, old bone is broken down in a process known as resorption while new bone is added in a process call formation.

However, when bone is broken down at a faster rate than it is created, bone loss begins to occur. There are a number of factors that can affect bone loss. Some of these factors are within our own control while others are not.

Factors can include:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Physical activity
  • Diet
  • Genetics and family medical history
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol
  • Illness such as osteoporosis, arthritis, asthma, Chron’s disease, and lupus
  • Low testosterone levels
  • Use of medications such as Truvada

While women are generally at a greater risk of bone loss, especially after menopause, men can also begin to suffer significant amounts of bone loss after the age of 65.

Despite the natural causes of bone loss, there are still a number of steps that individuals can take to limit how much they suffer from it. Some lifestyle changes that can be made to improve your bone health include:

  • Having a balanced diet that includes lots of fruits and vegetables, protein, starchy foods, and dairy products.
  • A diet that includes foods rich in calcium such as dairy products, leafy green vegetables, nuts, and tinned oily fish.
  • A diet high in vitamin D is also very important. Vitamin D can come directly through exposure to sunlight but can also be found in fortified dairy products, egg yolks, saltwater fish, and liver.
  • Physical activity helps to increase bone strength and density. Some of the best exercises include walking, hiking, jogging, climbing stairs, and other similar weight-bearing exercises.
  • Quitting smoking can play a fundamental role in limiting bone loss. Men and women who smoke may not absorb as much calcium from their diets and thus suffer from higher rates of bone loss.
  • Limiting alcohol intake is another important step to limit bone loss.

Truvada and the Demineralization of Bone

Demineralization of bone is defined as a decrease in, loss of, or removal of mineral components found in bone. Many things can cause bone demineralization. In the case of Truvada, the TDF component has been linked to a decrease in bone mineral density that can cause a myriad of bone diseases. As we age, our bodies tend to lose bone mass and density. This is often the result of a loss of calcium, phosphate, and other minerals.

The TDF component found in Truvada is believed to exacerbate these effects, causing bones to become brittle and easily broken. While Truvada is one of the main culprits of developing particular bone diseases, other drugs that contain TDF may also play a factor in the degradation of your bones, loss of teeth, and fractures. Take a look in your medicine cabinet for any of the following that may contain TDF:

  • Viread
  • Stribild
  • Atripla
  • Symfi Lo
  • AccessPak for HIV PEP Expanded with Kaletra
  • AccessPak for HIV PEP Expanded with Viracept
  • Complera
  • Cimduo
  • Genvoya

Unfortunately, a decrease in bone mineral density is a condition that often goes unnoticed as it presents no symptoms early on. In time, if no preventative measures are taken, demineralized bones can lead to:

  • Discomfort in extremities
  • Decreased bone mineral density
  • Bone deterioration or osteoporosis
  • Bone loss or osteopenia
  • Dental complications (e.g. tooth decay and loss)
  • Bone fractures

Once set, bone complications like osteoporosis are often seen in the wrists, spine, and hips. If this resonates with anything that you may be experiencing at the moment and you suspect it stems from the TDF-based medication you are taking, seek out medical attention immediately.

You should not have to suffer from broken bones as a result of taking Truvada. Contact the Truvada lawsuit attorneys of The Law Offices of A. Craig Eiland, PC at (409) 763-3260 to schedule your FREE legal consultation today.

What You Should Do After Suffering a Bone-Related Injury Caused by Truvada

If you are taking Truvada to manage your HIV or to limit your risk of developing it, and you are experiencing bone demineralization or suffering from the effects of osteoporosis, you must seek out medical attention immediately. Bone loss detection is an important step to treat the issue at hand. Bone mineral density tests can be taken to measure the solidness and mass of common sites where fractures tend to occur. These tests are painless and noninvasive.

If your medical provider establishes that you are suffering from bone demineralization or bone loss, then do NOT hesitate to contact the Truvada broken bones lawyers of The Law Offices of A. Craig Eiland, PC to help you better understand your legal options. We can help you start the process of filing a claim and can begin to work together with you to develop the strongest case possible.

Determining Liability in a Pharmaceutical Defect Claim

An experienced product liability attorney must determine if the pharmaceutical company Gilead Sciences Inc. is liable for the side effects or injury you have suffered. In order to do this, your Truvada attorney must identify what type of product liability claim applies to your specific situation.

There are generally three “types” of product liability claims:

  • Strict Liability – Focuses on or searches for negligent actions taken by manufacturers, suppliers, or by the company itself in creating a defective product.
  • Negligence – Focuses on how or if the company provided adequate or reasonable care in the designing, manufacturing, or marketing processes relating to the defective product.
  • Breach of Warranty – Focuses on the warranty of the defective product, whether it was written or implied, and how the defective product didn’t work as intended, causing harm to the person using it.

In accordance with liability determination and Truvada, a lawyer must build the connection between how Gilead put their patients at risk, and how that ultimately led to the user’s bone demineralization or bone loss.

This process can be time-consuming without all of the proper facts and details in order, so be sure that you are completely open with your product liability attorney as it can affect how much compensation you may be eligible for. Luckily, our experienced product liability lawyers from The Law Offices of A. Craig Eiland, PC have the experience and skill set to make this process as efficient as possible.

If you are suffering bone-related health issues as a result of the HIV drug, Truvada, find comfort in knowing there is a dedicated team able to support you. Contact the Truvada lawsuit attorneys of The Law Offices of A. Craig Eiland, PC right now at (409) 763-3260 for a FREE case evaluation.

Justice and Recovery are a Phone Call Away

Our Truvada lawsuit attorneys will work diligently to help recover damages for but not limited to:

  • Medical bills (past and present)
  • Lost wages and future earnings
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of quality of life
  • Loss of consortium
  • Wrongful death expenses

It wasn’t right how Gilead Sciences Inc. failed to provide users the information they had available about increased risks of bone loss and bone demineralization.

You have suffered long enough. Choose the product liability attorneys of The Law Offices of A. Craig Eiland, PC to have your voice heard and to secure the financial recovery you deserve.

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