Holding the Makers of Truvada Responsible

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Truvada is an anti-HIV and PrEP medication manufactured by Gilead Sciences Inc. The drug combines two medicinal components known as tenofovir disoproxil fumarate (TDF) and emtricitabine to stop the activity of the reverse transcriptase enzyme. It is this enzyme which HIV uses to replicate itself in healthy cells.

It is through these mechanisms that Truvada is able to help control the spread of HIV, as well as help users limit the risk of contracting the virus.

Truvada has been such a success that an agreement was made between the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and Gilead to distribute the medication to up to 200,000 people per year who are at risk of contracting HIV and who are uninsured. With a price tag of $20,000 per patient per year, Gilead stands to make an exorbitant amount of money.

Unfortunately, the financial benefit Truvada has seen comes with a dark truth.

The HIV medication has been tied to serious bone and kidney-related health issues that can be life-threatening. And Gilead Sciences has been fully aware of these issues for years.

As a result, lawsuits have begun to emerge against the pharmaceutical giant by plaintiffs arguing that the drug has caused them catastrophic injuries.   

If you or a loved one has suffered bone or kidney health problems as a result of using Truvada, know that you are not alone. The Texas Truvada lawsuit attorney at The Law Offices of A. Craig Eiland, PC is here to provide you the legal counseling you need to right the wrongs done against you. With a reputation built on skill, integrity, and personal service, we will help you secure the justice that is owed to you.   

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What Is the Issue with Truvada?  

 Gilead Sciences is facing legal action by users of the drug as it was discovered that Truvada causes a host of hideous medical maladies. It turns out that Gilead concealed information from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and users regarding these dangerous side effects.

In May 2018, a lawsuit was filed against Gilead Sciences by two men in California, claiming that the company had knowingly and willingly withheld a safer alternative to the TDF component found in the drug.

It was discovered that Gilead Sciences had been developing a safer agent known as tenofovir alafenamide fumarate (TAF) around the same time the company began to develop its TDF-based medications. TAF-based HIV medications have been shown to be just as effective as TDF-based medications, but in smaller, safer doses.

The lawsuits also assert that Gilead willfully suppressed this alternate formulation of the drug in order to extend the sales of existing medications. This practice went on to net the company over $11 billion in profits.

This is an undeniable example of a company placing profit before the health and well-being of its clients. The lawsuit in California includes a class-action lawsuit against the company, and now, many more victims are coming forward with their own stories of how they have suffered severe kidney and/or bone health complications as result of using the medication.

Other TDF-based medications the company has developed and marketed include:

  • Atripla
  • Complera
  • Stribild
  • Viread

If you live in Texas, have taken Truvada, and are now dealing with health complications involving your kidneys or bones, the Texas Truvada lawsuit attorneys of The Law Offices of A. Craig Eiland, PC can help you to secure justice and compensation for the pain you have suffered. Contact us today at (409) 763-3260 to learn more about your legal options.

Who Are the Victims in Texas?

The poor souls hurting as a result of this corporate deceit usually involve those that are most affected by HIV, in this case, gay and bisexual men — particularly men of color. A 2017 article from NBC News noted that nearly 35 percent of gay and bisexual men take PrEP to either inhibit the spread of HIV or stop its development in HIV-positive users. 

The cities in Texas with the largest gay/bisexual populations include:

In these five metropolitan areas, a combined 84,802 individuals are living with HIV. Of those affected:

  • 36.9 percent are African-American
  • 25.8 percent are Hispanic/Latino
  • 32.4 percent are White

Of the individuals living in Texas with HIV, males account for 78.6 percent of cases, while females account for 21.4 of all cases. In total, the rate of HIV infected individuals in Texas stands at 375 people per 100,000.


  • Willacy, Bee, Frio, Travis, Harris, Houston, Anderson, Coryell, Concho, Reeves, and Garza counties average a rate of approximately 600 people living with HIV per 100,000 people.
  • In 2016, 1,338 lives were lost to HIV in Texas. This is a rate of 6 people per 100,000 perishing because of the virus.
  • There were 4,358 new HIV cases reported in 2017 in the State of Texas. This is a rate of 19 new diagnoses per 100,000 population.

In an effort to take control of the virus, 9,442 individuals began to take PrEP like Truvada in 2018, which reflects a rate of 41 people per 100,000. That’s 9,442 people in Texas that are at risk of developing serious bone and kidney complications if they are taking medications that are TDF-based, much like Truvada.

If you or someone you love lives in Texas and is taking Truvada to manage or prevent the spread of HIV and are suffering from serious bone and kidney complications, hope still remains. The Texas Truvada lawsuit lawyer of The Law Offices of A. Craig Eiland, PC is dedicated to the pursuit of justice. Contact The Law Offices of A. Craig Eiland, PC right now at (409) 763-3260 to get started with your claim. 

What Exactly Are the Side Effects?

The TDF in Truvada causes the bones within the body to lose calcium and other important minerals that keep them strong. This ultimately results in bone mineral density loss which makes users’ highly susceptible to breaks and fractures. Approximately 6,000 of Truvada users are suffering from various broken bones and various bone-based disorders.

Bone-related problems associated with TDF include:

  • Discomfort in Extremities
  • Decreased Bone Mineral Density
  • Bone Deterioration
  • Osteoporosis
  • Osteopenia
  • Dental Complications (e.g. Tooth Decay and Loss)
  • Bone Fractures

Adding further insult to injury, there’s another part of the body affected by the use of Truvada. For TDF to be truly effective, large doses are required to stop HIV-infected cell replication. This excess of TDF lingers within the kidneys, causing an entire host of maladies that includes:

  • Chronic Kidney Disease
  • Declining Kidney Function
  • Decreased Urination
  • Acute Kidney Injury
  • Acute Renal Failure
  • Fanconi Syndrome
  • Kidney Failure

And if that’s not enough, Truvada has also been found to cause a condition known as lactic acidosis. This condition causes the pH levels within the body to rise, therefore making the bloodstream acidic. This condition causes muscle aches, burning sensations, stomach cramps, nausea, rapid breathing, and in extreme cases, even death.

Gilead’s History of Legal Action

In 2017, Gilead’s treachery was exposed through a lawsuit filed by two of its former employees. The lawsuit claimed that Gilead issued misleading information to the FDA about where one of their main active ingredients — emtricitabine (FCT) — came from. This component is used in several of their products, including Truvada, Emtriva, and Atripla.

It turns out that the FDA only approved sources from the United States, Germany, Canada, and South Korea. Here’s where the plot thickens: Gilead sourced FCT from an unapproved source in China between 2008 and 2010, unbeknownst to the FDA.

This sneaky decision netted the pharmaceutical giant $5 billion in funds taken from federal healthcare programs.

Two recalls were issued out for their products containing FCT in 2014. Even so, this case would ultimately be dismissed by the federal government. Why exactly? It was stated that the decision was made as to not “waste” more resources investigating an incident, according to the feds, that was already fully investigated.

You May Qualify for Monetary Compensation

If you’re a  Texas native using Truvada and have experienced these negative and horrific medical complications, it may be in your best interest to step forward and hold Gilead Sciences responsible. Too many people are suffering, yet hope still remains. You too can seek monetary compensation for your pain.

Our Texas Truvada lawsuit attorney will perform a thorough investigation of your claim and secure compelling evidence in order to develop the strongest claim possible. We will not rest until we secure positive results for you.

We will help you to recover maximum monetary compensation that includes damages for: 

  • Medical Bills (past, present, and future)
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Lost Wages (past, present, and future)
  • Loss of Earning Capacity
  • Loss of Quality of Life
  • Loss of Consortium
  • Emotional Damages
  • Wrongful Death Damages

If you or someone you love has suffered from adverse effects as a result of using Truvada, our attorney wants to hear your story. Contact The Law Offices of A. Craig Eiland, PC at (409) 763-3260 to schedule an appointment with one of the best Truvada lawsuit attorneys in Texas today.   

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