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HIV is a fast-spreading disease that affects communities all across the United States. However, medical professionals are improving the ability to treat and prevent this disease. New medications, like Truvada, are the primary tactic used to prevent people from contracting and spreading HIV. With health clinics pushing the use of the HIV-preventative Truvada, many new patients are using this drug, but they are also experiencing extreme side effects and consequences.

Medications always have a risk of causing side effects. This is especially true with new medications because scientists have not yet studied their effects on large groups of users over an extended period of time. Nevertheless, when evidence emerges that a medication like Truvada is causing severe and even life-threatening side effects, professionals must take action to protect the public and prevent a health crisis. Doctors should not continue to prescribe these medications until they complete further research and testing. Additionally, the companies which produced a dangerous medication must be held responsible for the consequences.

You have suffered serious health problems as a result of using Truvada, and you deserve justice for the pain you have experienced. The Truvada attorneys at The Law Offices of A. Craig Eiland, PC are prepared to help victims of Truvada side-effects in El Paso. We understand the devastation you must be feeling when you have faced the life-altering or life-threatening consequences of Truvada. You and your loved ones deserve justice, and to receive this you need an experienced Truvada attorney on your side. Contact The Law Offices of A. Craig Eiland, PC today at (409) 763-3260, so we can begin fighting for you.

Why You Need an Attorney

The pharmaceutical company Gilead Sciences, Inc. created Truvada for profit, rather than to help individuals who are facing the reality of HIV. Despite the serious consequences their medication has had on countless individuals across the country, they still profit. This is because they have a team of attorneys protecting their monetary interests and deflecting the legal cases against them. As an individual filing a case against Truvada, you will not have the legal support you need to hold Gilead Sciences, Inc. accountable for the harm they have caused with Truvada.

To fight this pharmaceutical power, you need a knowledgeable Truvada attorney on your team who understands your rights and has the experience to successfully fight back against this corporation. A skilled attorney has an in-depth understanding of the law and the responsibility a company must take for the harm they caused.

An attorney also has access to numerous resources, such as expert witnesses, that you would not be able to access on your own. Hiring a seasoned Truvada lawyer will not only strengthen your case but will also give you the best possible chance at receiving compensation for the pain and monetary losses you have experienced because of using Truvada.

This company should not be able to profit off of the suffering of people like yourself, and a competent Truvada lawyer will help make sure that Gilead Sciences, Inc. pays for the pain they have caused.

Why Choose The Law Offices of A. Craig Eiland, PC?

The lawyers at The Law Offices of A. Craig Eiland, PC are dedicated to supporting individuals and families who have experienced devastating health problems because of Truvada. We are prepared to support people across Texas in their fight for justice against this company. We understand the serious impact HIV has had in El Paso, and we are not willing to allow Truvada to take advantage of this crisis.

Our founder, Craig Eiland, served as a Texas State Representative for 20 years, and because of his government service, he understands the importance of protecting the people of Texas. The Law Offices of A. Craig Eiland, PC follows Craig Eiland’s strong principles in order to provide ethical and effective legal representation on behalf of our clients.

Throughout more than 25 years of legal service, our lawyers have helped numerous clients receive the compensation they need, and we are prepared to do the same for you. We will provide you with personalized legal counsel that will make the difference in your case. When your health is at stake, you cannot afford to trust any other law firm with your case.

HIV in El Paso

Although HIV is a problem all across the United States, the El Paso health department is particularly concerned about this disease spreading in their city. In 2017, medical professionals diagnosed 4,400 new cases of HIV in the state of Texas. Of these diagnoses, doctors found 133 new cases of HIV in El Paso alone. This data caused the city serious concern because these numbers indicated a 30% increase in new HIV cases in El Paso.

The increased diagnosis of HIV is important because it indicates the size of the HIV epidemic that the state of Texas is facing. However, these high numbers also indicate that people in El Paso and Texas as a whole are more likely to receive testing for HIV. This allows more people to receive the appropriate treatment for the disease and to reduce the chance of HIV spreading to more El Paso citizens.

The HIV Prevention Program in El Paso is organizing numerous initiatives to inform citizens of the growing threat of HIV in their community. Although this program is doing important work to inform and treat HIV in El Paso, unfortunately, they are also expanding the use of HIV-prevention products like Truvada.

With the growing threat of HIV in El Paso, it is essential that citizens protect themselves against this disease. However, this protection may come at a serious cost because of the serious side effects Truvada may cause.

Understanding Truvada

Truvada is a medication that doctors can prescribe to individuals who have HIV. For individuals with HIV, this medication can help improve quality of life, when used with other HIV medications. This medication can also reduce the individual’s ability to transmit HIV to another person, increasing their ability to maintain safe and healthy relationships.

Doctors may also prescribe Truvada to people who do not have HIV, to reduce the likelihood of them contracting the disease. This use of the medication is called Truvada for PrEP, an acronym for Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis. In this case, Truvada is a medication used daily to reduce the risk of acquiring HIV, specifically for people who are HIV negative and are at a higher risk of contracting HIV. Truvada for PrEP is usually prescribed to gay or bisexual men, as well as to people of color. People in one or both of these communities historically demonstrate the greatest likelihood of contracting HIV.

Truvada contains a combination of two HIV medications that work together to inhibit the disease from multiplying within the body as well as reduce the total amount of HIV in the body. The impact of Truvada can be extremely helpful in reducing the dangers of HIV. However, if the drug itself causes significant damage to the body, then its use cannot be justified, and the medication should not be prescribed.

Truvada Health Concerns

People who use Truvada may experience serious and sometimes deadly side-effects, as a result of this medication. United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the use of Truvada in 2004, which means that this is still a relatively new medication. When new medications enter the pharmaceutical market the risk of serious side effects is high because medical professionals may not have information on the impact of long-term use of the medication.

Some of the health problems linked to Truvada usage include:

  • Kidney problems, including kidney failure
  • Decreased bone density
  • Increased lactic acid in the blood
  • Liver problems
  • Changes to the immune system

These problems can cause life-long health concerns, and if left untreated, may be fatal. When trying to protect yourself against HIV, you should not be subjected to these painful side effects of using Truvada. You may be at risk for these health concerns if you take Truvada and are experiencing:

  • Muscle pain
  • Bone pain
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Stomach pain that results in nausea or vomiting
  • Dizziness
  • Unusual cold sensation or blue coloration in your hands or feet
  • Abnormal heart rate

These are just some of the symptoms that may indicate a serious health problem after using Truvada. However, if you are experiencing any adverse effects from taking Truvada, you should take these symptoms seriously because they could be indicative of a large problem.

If you experienced negative symptoms or a serious health crisis as a result of taking Truvada, you need to take action. These problems not only can impact your health and quality of life, but they can also have a serious impact on your financial stability, due to unexpected medical expenses and lost time from work. With the help of an experienced Truvada attorney, however, you do not have to fight back against Truvada alone.

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You have undergone serious pain and unnecessary suffering. Gilead Sciences, Inc., which developed, patented, and marketed Truvada, caused you to experience these serious and maybe even life-threatening consequences, and they must be held accountable. The attorneys at The Law Offices of A. Craig Eiland, PC have expertise in managing cases against the makers of Truvada, and we are prepared to help you seek justice.

With our help, you may be able to receive monetary compensation for the physical suffering and medical expenses that Truvada caused. You cannot afford to wait any longer to begin work on your case. Contact The Law Offices of A. Craig Eiland, PC today at (409) 763-3260.

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