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Money may not buy you love, but on Valentine’s Day it can buy a lot of flowers, candy, and jewelry. Americans last year spent $18.9 billion on Valentine’s Day, with the average person paying $142.93—$96.63 on their spouse or significant other, and the rest going to gifts for family members, co-workers, teachers, and others.

Men spent more than women—an average of $190.53, compared to $96.58. Almost 52 percent of men bought candy for their partners, 61 percent went for flowers, and 21 percent splurged on jewelry.

But Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to break the bank.

Try these ideas for a sweet time together without spending exorbitant amounts of money:

  • Read a story together. Buy two copies of your favorite book or story (or borrow them from your library) and spend the evening discussing it. You may both learn things you didn’t know about the story (and each other).
  • Team up on a new recipe. Instead of going out to a restaurant, delve into your cookbooks and find a meal to collaborate on. Choose something different and challenging, and enjoy the results.
  • Visit a museum. Your town probably has a museum (or two) that you’ve never been to. Or a landmark you haven’t seen yet. Select someplace new and check it out together.
  • Go ice skating. If you live in a cold climate, find an ice rink nearby and go out for an hour or two of gliding—or falling—around together. Most rinks will rent skates for a minimal fee.

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